4 Basic Steps To Improve Your Smartphone Pictures.

I know starting a business is not that easy, I'm also aware that sometimes our budgets are very limited to spend in a professional photographer to guide us in the imagery of our new business.

Imagery is very important when you are creating your brand. It's one of the things that will help you to catch the attention of your ideal client and if you don't have the budget to hire a professional photographer at the beginning I suggest you to consider save some extra budget in the future, it really makes the difference.

The good news is that in the meantime you can rely on your smartphone to take pictures. So here i'll give you 4 basic steps that will help you to create better pictures:

1.Clean the lens of your phone

This sounds very obvious but i’ve seen so many pictures that look very dull or opaque and this is because of a dirty lens. Keep in mind that our smartphone is in use 24/7, is always in our hands, face, bags, pockets, you name it, this cause obviously a dirty lens. So before you take that picture be sure to clean very well the lens on your phone.


2.- Find a constant source of light

Flash can make your picture look flat or not that appealing, so i recommend you to take pictures beside a window so you can have a constant source of light that will illuminate your product giving the photo a special look.


3.- Composition

This is a tricky subject, but as i said we're going to have a basic approach to smartphone photo. Flat lay and the 45º angle are very engaging compositions in photographs. In Flat lay you shoot your products from above, this composition is really simple but it showcase your product in a real nice way.  I like to use the 45º angle perspective to give the products more depth, with this composition your clients can have some idea how your product looks in the 3D form.  Extra tip: Try to fill every corner of your frame with the props you use always keeping your product as protagonist, this will make your picture feel more appealing.

Flat Lay

Flat Lay

45º Angle

45º Angle

4.- Edit your picture

There so many photo apps right now that you can use to give your pictures the final touch you're looking for. My favourite is Adobe Lightroom because I can have the filters from my desktop on my smartphone too. You can also use VSCO and Snapseed, i’ve heard a lot of good things about them. Just remember not to get over excited with the filters, the more natural it looks the better, just keep it simple until you find what you like.


And here are the final pictures that i took & edit it with my smartphone:

Photos took & edit it with a LG X Max

Photos took & edit it with a LG X Max

I hope this tips will help you to capture your products in a better way, remember, even if the smartphone is very useful doesn’t replace the help of a professional photographer could bring.

If you need some help with the photography of your business please send me an email i would be glad to help you.

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